Powerbond cures in seconds and gives high strength bonds on rubber, plastics, metal, wood, leather, ceramics, ferrites, stone, cork, glass and paper.

No clamping is required. Tensile strength of up to 5000 psi, (35N/mmz) are obtained and Powerbond exhibits exceptional solvent and weather resistance.

 Powerbond is a monocomponent system - requiring no mixing or heating. As it does not contain solvents bond shrinkage is negligible. Powerbond has a temperature range of -65 to 180 C.

Powerbond dries completely clear which makes it the ideal product for effecting repairs or bonds on transparent materials such as glass or Perspex.

You can enjoy these benefits:


 ISO 9001 International Quality Standard Approved 

   Extended Shelf Life
   Works in seconds 
   Easy to use 
   Single Component System 
   Room Temperature Cure
   Solvent Free 
   Bonds Wide Variety of Substrates 
   High Tensile and Shear Strength 
   Clear Bond Lines 
   Easily Automated

On these materials: ABS, Acrylics, Aluminium, Butyl Rubber, Card, Cellulose Acetate, Ceramics, Chloroprene, EPDM, Ferrite, Glass, Laminates, Leather, MDF, Natural Rubber, Neoprene, Paper, Perspex, Phenolic, PVC, Plated Metals, Almost ALL Plastics#, Plated Metals, Polyacetal, Polyamide, Polycarbonate, Polyester, Polyolefins, Polystyrene, SBR, Stainless Steel, Urethane, Vinyl, Wood... That's the Powerbond advantage!

*Powerbond is not suitable for use on polythene or polypropylene.



Do not confuse Powerbond which is a high specification industrial strength adhesive, with low specification household glues. Powerbond is a high purity solvent free instant adhesive which is ISO 9001 International Quality Standard Approved, the best you can get. It has an extended shelf life and can be kept in storage literally for years without evaporating or going hard in its container.